Frequently asked questions

What is ASP -WB?

ASP-WB is a 30% solids, silicone based asphalt sealer, rejuvenator and sealcoat which is unlike any other in the market.

How does ASP-WB enhance and protect existing asphalt?

Black in color and water based, ASP-WB when applied, penetrates the pore structure and topical surface of asphalt, rejuvenating the tactifiers and oils that have been lost in the topical substrate, allowing the binding of the fine and course aggregates delaminated by UV and environmental issues, thus extending pavement life.

What is the color of ASP-WB?

Carbon Black

Can ASP-WB seal cracks in asphalt?

YES. ASP-WB can seal cracks up 1/8” without the need for crack sealing.

Does ASP-WB have good waterproofing capabilities?

YES. ASP-WB’s specific silicone technology, will waterproof the surface, leaving a dark black coating with silicone repelling properties.

What is the coverage rate of ASP-WB?

Approximate coverage rate is 100-110 ft² per gallon in one application only.

Where can ASP-WB be applied?

ASP-WB can be applied on any asphalt surfaces such as roads, highways, parking lots and bridge decks.

Is ASP-WB suitable for any environment?

YES. ASP-WB can be applied in cold or hot climates.

Does ASP-WB have good chemical resistance?

YES. ASP-WB will resist chemical attacks from de-icing salts, acids and caustics.

Is ASP-WB toxic?

NO. ASP-WB contains no VOC’s, odorless and contains no fumes.