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Chem-Crete YufiX CCC1000 is formulated to protect dense concrete and masonry surfaces in one application, without altering the color or textural appearance of the surface.

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100 percent green pavix

Fields of Application:

Chem-Crete YufiX CCC1000 is a deep penetrating formulation used as a water repellent and sealer for all masonry and synthetic masonry substrates.


White or buff colored concrete • Lime Stone • Granite • Marble • Slump Block • Pre-Cast & Poured Concrete

Brick • Stucco • Plaster • Stone Tiles and more!

100 percent green pavix



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I had a problem.  I installed a custom cut limestone tile floor in the bathrooms of a custom home I built.  The homeowner was unhappy with the way the floor absorbed water and showed marks from their feet after a shower.  
I needed a non-toxic masonry sealer that worked.  I found and applied Chem-Crete Yufix CCC1000 penetrating masonry sealer.  Problem solved! The floor is sealed, and there is nothing left on the surface.  
These folks really know their product and are extremely knowledgeable  on the subject of waterproofing.  Waterproofing is a topic that is very important to me and our industry.   I can see endless uses for this product in the future.  Thank you for all of your help.
The homeowner is very happy.  I highly recommend this product!


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