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Chem-Crete PAVIX CCC 100 Logo
PAVIX flyer promoting concrete protection for agricultural and process facilities
PaviX Performance Testing


Huther Toxicity Test Report

ASTM C666 Standard Test Method for Resistance

Resistance of Concrete to Chloride ion Penetration

ASTM C1583 Bond Strength

ASTM D6489 Standard Test Method for Determining the Water Absorption of Hardened Concrete Treated with a Water Repellent Coating

ASTM F609 Horizontal Pull Slipmeter

ASTM C156 Standard Test Method for Water Loss Through Liquid Membrane Forming Curing Compounds for Concrete

ASTM C672 Standard Test Method for Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Deicing Chemicals Comparison of Samples with and without Waterproofing Product and Curing Compound (revised 03Jan17)

Letter- 061516

Letter Amec Foster Wheeler

ASTM E303 Pendulum Test Method

Freeze Thaw Testing

Verification of Pavix CCC100 Impregnation

The Benefits of PaviX

University of Texas at Arlington Report

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